Restaurant and casual catering 

Holy Smoke Hog Roast

Unlimited Open Bar – Beer & Wine ONLY- $18/Person 

  • $250.00 Set up Fee/Licensing Fee (Set up fee may be waved if full service catering is booked at the same time for the same event)
  • $19.50 per hour per bartender fee – 4 hour minimum – 50 Person Minimum
  • Bartenders Required o 0-149 Guests – 2 bartenders required o 150-349 Guests – 3 Bartenders Required o Over 350 – 4 Bartenders Required (2 separate bars set up)
  • 3 Domestic Beer Choices (Bottled)
  • 3 House Wine Choices
  • All Supplies to make drinks, disposable drinkware, mixers, garnish and ice included
  • Sodas & Bottled Water included 

Cash Bar – Beer & wine ONLY – Guests pay for their own drinks *Cash Only*

  • $250.00 Bar Set Up Fee/Licensing Fee – Minimum Sales $250/bartender – 4 hours
  • $19.50 per hour per bartending fee – 4 hour Minimum
  • 3 Domestic Beer Choices (Bottled)
  • 3 House Wine Choices
  • All Supplies to make drinks, disposable drinkware, mixers, garnish and ice included

***If Sales Requirement is not met, a settlement with a credit card/cash/check must be made at the end of the event to our bar staff

Cash Bar Prices for Guests (Tax is Included)

  • Wine(5oz) - $5.00
  • Beer (Domestic) - $5.00
  • Beer (Craft) - $7.00
  • Soda – Coke, diet coke, sprite - $1.00 (12oz)
  • Mimosa - $6.00
  • Water - $1.00

**If you would like Sodas and water to be free to the guests for a cash bar, it will be an additional $1.50/person and we will bring sodas & Water for the guests** 

Champagne Table Service - $3.25/person – Sparkling Moscato

  • Includes disposable champagne flutes

Mimosa Bar - $7.95/person

  • Includes Orange juice, fresh fruit to add (Raspberries, Blueberries, strawberries, orange togarnish) ,champagne, and flutes Mimosas - $2.95/person  Includes Champagne, Orange Juice & Flutes
  • Can be added as one of your Wine Choices for $1.00 more Per Person on Open Bars

Additional fees 

  • Travel fee
    • Anything over 20 miles from our kitchen 1 way will be subject to a mileage fee
      • $1.75/per mile – one way – over 20 miles o EXAMPLE
      • Our kitchen is in Franklin and we bartend at a location in Zionsville, IN
        • Total Miles are 42.3 miles (estimated by Google Maps) – 20 included miles = 22.3 miles the customer will be charged
        • 22.3 Miles x $1.75 = $39.03 

  •  Additional Hours
    • $19.50/Hour/Bartender
    • If bartenders are asked to stay longer than originally billed, the customer will be billed for the additional time before the bartender leaves the location  Special Requests o If you would like to include a craft beer, there will be an additional fee determined when the quote is put together and beers are chosen o Special Wine brands may cause an increase in price as well, depending on the buy cost 

House Wines (If price is right, we will get certain brands if requested)

  • Sweet Red
  • Moscato
  • Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Chardonnay Riesling
  • Pinot Noir
  • Merlot
  • Pinot Grigio
  • White Zinfandel

Domestic Beers *Bottled* 

  • Budweiser
  • Bud Light
  • Miller Light
  • Coors Light
  • Michelob Ultra
  • Corona (+limes)

Payment Schedule

  • Bar Fee will be due in order to fully book the services, additional invoice will not be due until the day of the event. **Nonrefundable, but can be rescheduled**

  • There are no hidden fees, the invoice given will only change if the customer’s numbers or needs change (i.e hours needed, number of people, change in beverage requests, etc), we believe that the customer should not be required to add gratuity. If the customer decides to tip, it should be their decision. 

By law, our bartenders are not allowed to continue serving overly intoxicated guests. If a guest becomes unruly or overly intoxicated, it will be the host’s responsibility to ensure the guest has proper transportation home or to a safe location.

Our bartenders will check everyone’s ID, turn away anyone who is too intoxicated or underage and will confiscate drinks if we see someone over 21 dispersing drinks to guests under 21 or guests that have already been cut off from the bar.